About us

Razak Helalat, Founder


“I want to create an environment where people can feel relaxed and enjoy high quality local produce without any unnecessary pretence. Simplicity is best– I want the food and the service to speak for itself.”
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Cooking Over Fire

It’s at the heart of what we do: source great seasonal produce and cook it over flame

There’s no better way to draw flavour from fish, meat, and vegetables than cooking over the charcoal of our Josper oven. No fancy techniques here, just 300°C of heat applied to impeccable ingredients, which is what we’re all about: plates of food created with careful sourcing and real skill.

Simple Quality

We pay attention to the things that matter to our customers: food, drink, service and atmosphere

Razak Helalat has lived in Brighton since the age of five and after years of experience in the restaurant trade opened The Coal Shed in September 2011. Understanding what the customers in Brighton and Hove wanted from their dining experience – as well as noticing that some of their needs were not being met – he focused on creating restaurants specialising in grilled meat and fish fuelled on fire and charcoal, producing a unique and succulent taste. Following up the success of The Coal Shed, Razak opened The Salt Room in February2015 using the same cooking techniques and levels of service but – using the sea views as a natural inspiration – giving centre stage to locally caught fish dishes as well as the grilled meat that his restaurant had become well known for. Shortly after that he opened The Coal Shed London branch in 2018 and most recently in 2021 opened new concept Burnt Orange.

Independent Neighbourhood Restaurants

Independence will always be in our DNA. We are the restaurant on the corner of your street, the one where the GM knows your name and the bartender knows your favourite cocktail.

We are local restaurants, invested in the local community. We listen to customers and learn what they like. The biggest asset is our people, we let them be themselves, and showcase our diversity by encouraging their voices.