From Boyce’s Street to North Street

We are not going far but we are very excited!

We are going to have a new home soon

The Coal Shed blossomed from a heartfelt dream of mine which was to open an incredible steak restaurant. My vision was to create the perfect space from a welcoming bar area and bustling open kitchen, to plenty of seating in different areas for people to enjoy.
The original Coal Shed on Boyce’s Street wasn’t the dream space, but it became a beloved Brighton institution.

After a quest for the ideal spot, we’ve found it on North Street, opening next year. Don’t worry, the Boyce’s Street site will stay, and exciting plans are in the works! Cheers to the future!

And make sure you visit the Boyce’s Street Coal Shed over the next few months as the team cannot wait to host guests for the last few times at our fantastic restaurant where the masters of cooking over fire was first forged.